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10 Signs of Aging Poorly and What To Do About Them

Macasoul  Macasoul   10 Signs of Aging Poorly and What To Do About Them

10 Signs of Aging Poorly and What To Do About Them

Aging is a normal part of life. Aging poorly is not. As we age, we all go through changes. But it doesn’t mean that the changes have to affect your life negatively. Becoming wiser, more emotionally mature, developing new skills, and gaining a bucket full of life experiences are good things. Raising our kids and grandkids, nurturing our friendships and relationships, and deepening our faith over time is even better. Without the passing of time and aging, they wouldn’t be possible.


Experiencing fatigue, joint pain, forgetfulness, brain fog, bone loss, weight gain, hearing loss, and other issues through aging, however, don’t have to be part of your aging process. Even though society tells us otherwise, these signs are not normal, but signs of aging poorly. Through a healthy diet and lifestyle, you can reduce signs of aging poorly and stay active, energetic, healthy, and happy as you get older.


In this article, you will learn about the importance of healthy aging. I will discuss the most common signs of aging poorly. And I will share my top strategies for healthy aging for the older population. This is an article you want to save and share with your aging friends and family member.

Poor Aging at the Cellular Level


Poor aging is characterized by chronic inflammation that slowly overtime damages major tissues and regions of the body. Every degenerative condition such as diabetes, heart disease, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, fatty liver disease, cancer, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, etc. is characterized by chronic inflammation and oxidative stress.


Inflammation and oxidative stress are important parts of the body’s natural healing process and are necessary to prevent against infections. However, these mechanisms should be tightly controlled and kept within a certain threshold. When they are constantly amplified from poor lifestyle factors such as bad diet, chronic stress, toxin exposure, poor sleep and chronic infections, they literally rust our tissues, cells and organs from the inside.


The term inflammaging, also known as inflamm-aging or inflamm-ageing, refers to an upregulated inflammatory response and a low-grade inflammation throughout the body that develop with advanced age. Inflammaging can accelerate the aging process and may worsen some age-related symptoms and diseases.

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